In The Details

In The Details

1月29日(火)  〜 2月3日(日) 時間 

オープニングレセプション: 2月1日(金)
ギャラリー・ルデコ 5階

Internationally exhibited artists examine, observe and reflect on the show theme; In the Details. Presenting their views of patterns that occur in the natural world, result from human impact, or from psychological constructs.

In the Details presents the work of fourteen artists diverse in background, philosophy and medium but united in the focused theme.

Participating artists include: Deanna Gabiga, Yoshiyuki Horikoshi, Arthur J Huang, Patty Hudak, Mariko Jesse, Yuko Kamei, Ling Liu, Kit Pancoast Nagamura , Mia O, Misako Oba, Lori Ono, Tanya Tanaka, Nick West, and Michelle Zacharias.

Beginning on Tuesday, Jan 29, participate in workshops, demonstrations, and artist conversations throughout the week!

We look forward to seeing you on the 5th floor of Gallery Le Deco.

Instagram: @artbytecritique

email: studiodeanna (at) me (dot) com

email: lori.ono (at) loriono (dot) com

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